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Education Director

Memphis, Tennesse
Education Director
Job Summary:
Education Director is responsible for developing programs for the education of the trades and office staff of which company employs. They will plan and develop the in-house trade school. Education Director will work with the Senior Management of each department to develop the training necessary for their positions and for apprentices to achieve journeyman licensure. This included any continuing education necessary for role development. The training should equip our staff in the office and field to provide our customers with the best experience and instill confidence that we are the best company for the job. This position will focus on helping our employees thrive and continue to learn and grow to their full potential.
Job Description:
Primary Focus:
Create an educational system to benefit our trades and office staff by helping them learn and grow to their full potential.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: (include but are not limited to)
  • Evaluate training needs and develop educational programs for each of the departments
    • Work with Senior management and field of each department
    • Keep up communication with each department to communicate changing needs in education and skills (continually grow and progress training programs)
  • Develop skills-based curriculum that aligns with career development and the company’s Mission, Vision, and Value’s.
  • Develop a group of instructors, mentors, and supervisory personnel
    • Teach and instill leadership qualities needed for effective training and mentoring
  • Develop processes for communicating changes in policies, procedures, and technologies
  • Develop new employee orientation for different departments (field, service, shop, and office)
  •  Accurately and effectively track training progress and certifications of those in training
  • Assist in the facilitation of on-the-job new employee orientation
  • Compile data and analyze past and current year training and costs to prepare a budget and track education expenses
  • Develop relationships with communities and school districts to teach about our trades and recruit into our training program
  • Screen, test, counsel, and recommend employees for participation in internal or external educational and training programs
  • Work with HR to increase enrollment within the curriculum developed
  • Maintain and pursue necessary certifications in training field (different training and instructor courses) e.g. LEED, Craft Instructor, etc.
  • Coordinate with Safety Director on Safety Training and education
  • Develop proficiency with various organizational and team assessment tools to assist in the organizational development process throughout the organization
Education Qualifications and Experience:
  • Experience with evaluating organizational training needs and working with Senior Management and owners to design, develop and continuously improve training content
  • Experience in conducting competency-based skills analysis
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Innovative with training delivery methods and ability to continuously analyze and improve training and education
  • Team builder and facilitator
  • Ability to establish and achieve departmental goals to support company objectives
  • Strong and effective communication skills
  • Attention to detail and effective organization and planning skills
  • Professional
  • Adaptable and dependable
  • Bachelor’s degree in educational field preferred
  • Experience with planning and developing programs in an organization with 150 people or more
  • Certification from the National Center for Construction Education and Research preferred
  • Knowledge and proficiencies with Human Resources systems and Microsoft office

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